Driver and curve guide connecting rod modification kit for stapler machines (Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST450)

Stapler driver and curve guide connecting rod modification kit for Heidelberg Stitchmaster (FJ.4155090/01; H218.0572)

The connecting rods in the staplers of a Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST400 or ST450 saddle stitcher serve to translate the curve progression of the cam followers into a lifting motion in the driver and curve guides. Over the years, these parts make millions and millions of stitching movements.

However, that is not all that happens as a result of these complex movements. The movements of the driver and curve guide take us to the heart of a saddle stitching machine – the stitching heads. This is where wire is cut, shaped and inserted into the paper and the arms of the staples are guided on to the clincher below. As the upper part of the stapling machine, where the connecting rods are mounted, is one of the “fixed parts” of the system, special care needs to be taken to ensure that there isn’t too much play in the system.

Staple quality is a common problem in Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST400 and ST450 machines, e.g. staples are too loose in thin products. This can be compensated for somewhat by adjusting the clincher plate settings appropriate to thickness, but this is not a viable long-term solution as it can lead to even greater damage in certain circumstances.

If problems should start to occur, it is better to change these connecting rods and check the settings of the stapler.

Please contact our technical hotline so that we can send you a quote for our experienced technicians to procure and install the connecting rods for you.

Umbausatz Schubstange Treiber- und Biegerleiste Heftmaschine

New connecting rods for the driver and curve guides in a Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST400 or ST450.

Spare part numbers

  • FJ.4155090/01
  • H218.0572

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