Modification kit – sheet monitoring sensor (Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST450)

Modification kit for sheet monitoring light barriers, Heidelberg Stitchmaster (FJ.4931565/00; ZD.2273-002-20-00; H225.0428.5)

The sheet monitoring detectors in your Stitchmaster need to work perfectly in order to ensure reliable sheet monitoring and error-free production. However, the light barriers used in this process can become impaired by dust and other mechanical factors over the years and so they have to be replaced at some point.

As the original light barriers are no longer produced, we have created a modification kit that includes a replacement light barrier, an adapter cable and reflective strips. This conversion kit can be used on a variety of Stitchmaster machines.

Please contact our technical hotline so that we can put together the right combination of light barriers and cables for you.

Umbausatz Sensor FBK/BAK

Conversion kit for a Heidelberg Stitchmaster sheet monitoring device.

Spare part numbers

  • FJ.4931565/00
  • ZD.2273-002-20-00
  • H225.0428.5

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