Digital Robot 2000A

Klebebinder Digital Robot 2000A Ansicht

Application range:

Flexible 4 clamp perfect binder for print-on-demand

Digital Robot 2000A is a fully automatic four-clamp perfect binder with maximum mechanical speed of 1600 cycles per hour.

It is JMD’s latest innovation of ‘off-line’ perfect binding solution for print-on-demand printing. It features on fully automatic adjustments through touch screen or via scanning the barcode of the book block and the cover. Short changeover time for varied binding formats and EVA gluing tank, which makes Digital Robot 2000A an ideal post-press solution for short run and print-on-demand digital printing.

Main features

High Intelligence & Automation:

  • All setups can be done automatically just by inputting data into the touch screen or via scanning the barcode information of the book block and the cover.

High Production Efficiency:

  • Binding speed up to 1600 cycles/hour, and automatic job changeover can be accurately completed in as short as 10s for changing book thickness and book format at the fastest speed.

Large Binding Compatibility:

  • Digital Robot 2000A offers strong binding for different kinds of book blocks, such as loose-sheet book blocks, cold-glued book blocks, sewn book blocks, and etc.

Flexible In-line Production:

  • Digital Robot 2000A is capable to be flexibly integrated with digital three-knife trimmer and digital stacker, in order to achieve a fully automatic perfect binding line.

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