Perfect binder

Perfect binders – efficient, fully-automated solutions for print-on-demand

As industry experts, we understand the challenges faced by small print run producers in the print-on-demand sector. Demand for strong, high quality bindings is continuously growing, while at the same time, the ever increasing pace of job changes calls for efficient operation.

JMD perfect binders have been specially designed to meet these requirements. The machines feature a high degree of automation, taking a huge amount of work off your hands. Product thicknesses and formats can be changed from brochure to brochure, thus ensuring minimum set-up times. Efficiency is never at the expense of quality.

Have you considered expanding your finishing services to include near-line or in-line three knife trimmers? Our technical sales team are happy to advise you!

Klebebinder Digital Robot 500C Ansicht
Klebebinder Digital Robot 2000A Ansicht
Application range: Flexible 4 clamp perfect binder for print-on-demand Digital Robot 2000A is a fully automatic four-clamp perfect binder with maximum mechanical speed of 1600 cycles per hour. It is…

Digital Robot 2000A

Klebebinder DT 30
Application range: Automatic three-knife machine for print-on-demand DT-30 is an automatic three-knife trimmer with maximum mechanical speed of 900 cycles per hour. As JMD innovation for the growing demand of…