Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 450

Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST450 gebraucht Ansicht


Saddle stitcher with advanced automation technology for short set-up times and high product quality.

The Stitchmaster ST450 is a saddle stitcher for the production of backstitch brochures in small and medium editions.

The sheets are placed on the saddle chain and brought together via the mobile folded sheet feeders, which are available with a horizontal or vertical sheet feeder. A mobile cover feeder is also available as a further feeder type. This processes flat sheets by singling them out of the magazine, creasing, folding them and placing them on the saddle chain. This process is checked in the subsequent intermediate field of the machine. Here, the quality of the collated sheets is checked with the help of a longitudinal and a lateral thickness control. The subsequent stapling machine only staples the completely collected and qualitatively perfect products. Incomplete products are not stapled and are ejected after the stapling machine and can be created again. In the stapling machine of the ST450, the products are stapled in motion. This is done with the help of very compact stapling heads that can be easily positioned on a guide rail with simple means. After the stitching machine, the stapled products are transferred to the trimmer feeder via an ejector blade with its own drive. There they are aligned before they get into the trimmer. In the trimmer of the ST450, the holistic approach of material-friendly product processing is continued in this saddle stitcher. The servo technology of the machine makes it possible, among other things, to gently bring the products up to the front stops by reducing the speed briefly and to align the products before the front trimming. In the second step, the head and foot trim is carried out before the products are then fed to a delivery system.


The ST 450 is characterized by:

  • short set-up times thanks to individual drives and automatic synchronization of the units with one another
  • correction of the presettings possible while the machine is running
  • dynamic offset automatically adjusts the assignments of the units
  • mobile feeders can be used at any position in the saddle chain
  • lateral thickness control that covers the entire format area without marking
  • best cutting quality in its class, thanks to individual drive technology

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