Everything in view: camera system for perfect binders or saddle stitchers

Our camera system for perfect binders or saddle stitches is a prime example of how you can achieve a lot with even a modest investment. Retrofitting improves efficiency, quality, and saves resources.

Effectively monitor the correct sheet sequence

The most important argument for using a camera system is that it makes it possible to monitor the sheet sequence. If you want to be sure that folded sheets don’t get lost or mixed up in the production process, you’ll be glad you installed the camera system. The PPL-control system reliably detects missing or incorrectly inserted folded sheets. It also ensures that when you’re processing different language versions, there aren’t any mistakes.

Higher quality, fewer complaints: the advantages of the camera system

The ability to control the correct sequence of sheets is not the only advantage of retrofit camera systems.

  • Quality assurance: switching from random checks to systematic and continuous controls improves quality and is a major selling point with (potential) customers.
  • Certification: our system ensures barcode recognition, which is integral to audits.
  • Waste: by detecting errors early, you save resources, including raw materials like paper and energy.
  • Fewer complaints: by eliminating faulty products, you improve customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of damaging carefully built business relationships. 
PPL-Kamerasystem 01
PPL Kamera- und Barcodesystem Detail seitlich

Configuration: One camera per feeder

We outfit each saddle stitcher feeder or each station of a gathering machine with a camera that recognizes images and barcodes. We install the camera after the feeder station, in the direction of sheet transportation. While it’s operating, you can select the individual cameras and thus make the necessary adjustments for each job. You can also run a mixed operation involving both image and barcode recognition modes. The camera is set up to ensure hassle-free production and to detect faulty sheets. 

PPL-Kamerasystem Camera-Seite

Monitoring and log files: nothing gets lost

All data relevant to the order is recorded in a log file. When the job’s complete, it makes the corresponding log files available to your customer automatically. You can read more about how this works and what data the log files contain in our detailed blog post on the subject. 

One system, two operating modes: image recognition and barcode recognition

Image recognition ensures a high level of security with optical matching. This simple operation is also supported by an automated learning algorithm that takes into account such factors as exposure time, contrast, and position. Barcode recognition guarantees error-free classification. The information stored in the barcode is then decoded and processed further. 


Our camera system can be combined with the following machines: 

  • Saddle stitcher
    • Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 450
    • Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 400
    • Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 350
    • Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 300
    • Saddle stitcher from other manufacturers
  • Perfect binding lines with gathering machine
  • Thread sewing lines with gathering machine
  • Other machines, on request

Do you want to use these advantages for your company and retrofit a camera on your saddle stitcher or perfect binder? We will be happy to advise you!


Want to know more? You can read about how the system works, using the example of a Heidelberg ST450 saddle stitcher, in the October 2020 edition of the trade journal, Bindereport. In addition to the advantages detailed above, the PPL-system has other impressive features: 

  • no additional makeready times
  • a separate control system communicates with the existing system’s control system: the machine stops if sheets are inserted incorrectly or ejects them via an incorrect sheet delivery
  • automatic creation of log files
  • remote connection to a technical hotline

Interested in gaining all these benefits for your business and retrofitting your saddle stitcher or perfect finder? We are happy to advise you!

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