Spare parts and consumables:
Identification, sourcing & delivery

Purchasing spare parts without any help can be a very time-consuming activity and success is by no means guaranteed. We know that our clients sometimes have difficulty identifying which replacement parts they need or they find that the price charged by their chosen supplier does not match the service provided.

Here at PostPrint Leipzig, we take the stress out of this task and find the right replacement part for you and the best value for money on the market.

Our service covers more than just technically competent support regarding all your machinery-related questions, it also extends to research, acquisition and delivery of spare parts. This requires much more than simply reading off a part number. We know which parts and materials are compatible with one another, ensure consistent quality from our suppliers, negotiate purchasing volumes and maintain a well-stocked warehouse.

We specialise in service parts for Heidelberg Postpress, Brehmer and Polygraph machines in particular. We can deliver any part to anywhere within the European Union within 24 hours – or anywhere else in the world within a very short space of time. We don’t restrict ourselves to original parts and consumables, but instead also offer you two alternative options.

Reduce maintenance costs by using alternatives to original parts

If you are interested in using parts from an alternative manufacturer that offer good quality and excellent value for money, then PostPrint Leipzig is the right partner for you.

Our range of services and our expertise in obtaining alternative spare parts can make a significant contribution to reducing your machinery maintenance costs. Most of these parts are replicas that offer exactly the same level of quality and workmanship as the originals, but at a considerably more economical price. We guarantee that these parts will not negatively affect your machine’s performance.

Professionally refurbished original parts

Why buy new and expensive parts, when used, reconditioned and professionally refurbished replacement parts are just as good? We can supply you with a wide range of mechanical or electronic components which have been professionally repaired and are fully-operable and ready for a second life.

As specialists in used machines, we have the necessary expertise to refurbish parts and maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts. This not only helps you to lower your maintenance costs, but is also more environmentally-friendly. Not to mention that it allows you to extend the life of your machines by many more years.

Whether you choose to use refurbished original parts or an alternative manufacturer, in both cases, we can use our technical expertise to install your replacement parts correctly if requested. In certain cases, this may require us to make adjustments to the machine so as to restore its full functionality.

You can find the right spare parts here (only available in German).

Abstreifer / Rückhalter
Andruckgummi, Profilgummi
CPU / Steuerung / SPS
CPU / Steuerung / SPS
CPU / Steuerung / SPS
Einsteckmodul ACOPOS AC122
Erweiterungsmodul SPS
Erweiterungsmodul SPS
Falzrolle kpl – regeneriert/nur im Austausch
Gelenkkopf mit Spannschloss
Greifer regeneriert / nur im Austausch
Heftkopf regeneriert
Heftkopf regeneriert
Industrie PC
Klinscherkasten kpl.24 regeneriert
Klinscherkasten kpl.25 regeneriert
Netzwerkkarte AC112
Positioniermodul NC154
Rechenstab/ Finger
Rolle Greiferauflage, A Welle
Rolle Zuführung
Rollenkette – Teilung 1/2×5/16″
Sauger / Noppensauger
Sauger Nr. 1 mit “Krempe”
Sauger Nr. 2 Greiferauflage gelb
Saugrohr kpl
SDL Transceiver
Stellmotor allg.Formatverstellung
Stellmotor allg.Formatverstellung
Transportband B=20mm
Umbausatz Sensor FBK/BAK
Verschlusskappe für Saugerstange, Gummikappe / Blindsauger
Vision Sensor für KBBES

About PostPrint Leipzig

Our team is made up of 15 dedicated employees with many years of experience in the field of postpress processing. The whole team worked for the renowned Leipzig-based bookbinding machine factory that traded under Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG until its closure. Each one of our technicians is well aware of the responsibility involved in servicing and repairing our client’s machines.

Do you have any questions for our team? We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and look forward to your call.

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