Stitchmaster hole punch: your entry into calendar production

Many print shops would love to be able to offer customers calendar production, in addition to their other services. Since it’s a seasonal business, with a clearly defined production period, it’s easy to plan and also relatively lucrative. If you’re thinking about getting into the calendar business, we have good news: with our support, you can easily retrofit the relevant technology, without costing too much time or money.

Retrofitting saddle stitchers: what our new PPL hole punch can do

There’s only one requirement for retrofitting the hole punch: you have to have a Heidelberg Stitchmaster already. After we’ve installed a hole punch, you can carry out a 3-page trim and punch out holes with a circumference of 4.00-7.00 mm in just one operation. Since we manufacture the punching tools ourselves, we can easily accommodate custom specifications. 

Compared to older models, the new, fundamentally improved hole punch from PPL is more convenient, lighter, and above all, narrower. It also can also accommodate wider formats, so that in the future you will also be able to process such widths as A5 in single use. If you decided against the hole punching option when you bought your press, now’s a great time to upgrade! 

Advantages of our single hole punch for calendar production with Stitchmaster

The biggest advantage of our hole punch? It saves time! The cutting and punching steps run simultaneously, so they require less production time and no additional machine. Concrete figures demonstrate our point: our technology allows some of our customers to produce up to 14,000 calendars per hour. By adding two hole punches, this figure could be doubled. To do this, the booklet is cut in half to produce two A5 calendars. 


Lochstanze für Heidelberg Sammelhefter

Our hole punch at a special price

With the code word “woodpecker” you can get our hole punch for 4,000 euro net, and on request with a stamp set as well. 

Do you have questions or would you like a personal consultation? We’re looking forward to hearing from you!