Cleaning and maintenance for your saddle stitcher’s stitching heads: PPL offers complete service

Stitching heads are the most important component of saddle stitchers as well as the other systems required to produce saddle stitch wire stitching. It’s therefore essential that the stitching heads operate reliably.

Complex demands and high stress on the stitching-head parts

Stapling and stitching have complex requirements. To carry out these operations, you have to take into account such factors as: paper quality, stapling thickness, and stapling wire. The stitching head itself is composed of many individual parts and components. The stitching head’s mechanically moving parts are impacted by contamination from zinc abrasion and dust – a real challenge for operators and technology.

Depending on the machine, a single stitching head may perform several million stitchings a year. This gives you an idea of the enormous strain caused by the high cycle rate. To take but one example, a Heidelberg ST450 saddle stitcher may perform as many as 14,000 stitchings per hour.

The operating instructions specify cycles for maintenance and cleaning. However, due to the constraints of a busy production schedule, it’s not always easy for machine operators to organize and carry these out.

PPL’s stitching-head service: welcome help during your tight production schedule

PPL-PostPrint Leipzig GmbH offers you stitching-head service. In our workshop, our experienced personnel carry out professional maintenance on the stitching heads, including disassembly, identification of worn parts, cleaning, and installation of replacement parts. We not only replace parts, but also check and restore all settings. Finally, we carry out test stitching before returning the stitching heads. If requested, we can help you continue your production during the maintenance period by loaning you a stitching head.

Whether you need someone to care for your eyelet stitching and flat stapling machines from HOHNER or HEIDELBERG, saddle stitchers from HEIDELBERG, THEISEN & BONITZ, and many other companies—your stitching heads are always in good hands with us!

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This video about PPL maintenance on a ring-eyelet stitching head gives you an idea about how we work on your machines.