Latest edition of the bindereport trade journal includes articles on Catalan finishing processes and the web-to-print sector

The 11/2020 edition of the German trade journal bindereport reports on so-called Catalan finishing processes in lamination with PostPrint Leipzig representing the Spanish machine manufacturer Bagel Systems as well as reporting on the web-to-print boom.

  • Title: “Catalan finishing: When it comes to lamination processes, Spanish machine manufacturer Bagel Systems is represented by PPL PostPrint Leipzig” (page 16, only available in German)
  • Title: “Boom in web-to-print: M. J. Raak GmbH (Frankfurt am Main) has developed a successful business concept based on digital printing and finishing and web-to-print portals” (page 30, only available in German)
Titelseite Bindereport 2020-11