“A very efficient entry-level model” – How M. J. Raak GmbH is making the most of the web-to-print boom with the Smyth DX-50

J. Raak GmbH is a full-service provider in the web-to-print sector. They put their success down to a number of factors, including systematically connecting digital printing and finishing services with the internet. Based in Frankfurt, the medium-sized business has an exceptionally diverse product portfolio that ranges from instruction manuals to promotional materials, from textiles to books. The latter makes up around 80% of their sales revenue. The platform www.mybuchdruck.de is used by private customers in particular to print their own books with print runs ranging from 1 to 1500 copies and covering topics such as academic research and recipe collections all the way to self-published novels.

J. Raak GmbH operates a variety of machines including the Smyth DX-50 folding and sewing system, “a very efficient entry-level model for folding and book sewing” according to Head of Sales Manfred Oftring. You can read all about exactly how M. J. Raak GmbH uses the machine it acquired from PostPrint Leipzig, the advantages of this system and how quickly the company recouped its investment in the article “Boom in web-to-print”, published in the 11/2020 edition of the German trade journal bindereport, available here (German only):

  • Title: “Boom in web-to-print: M. J. Raak GmbH (Frankfurt am Main) has developed a successful business concept based on digital printing and finishing and web-to-print portals” (page 30, only available in German)
Raak und Oftring an der DX-50