Catalan finishing: A portrait of the film laminating machine specialist Bagel Systems

The 11/2020 edition of bindereport with a focus on finishing techniques features an article about our partner Bagel Systems, whose products PostPrint Leipzig sells in Germany.

Bagel Systems’ film laminating machines are used for print finishing in a wide variety of applications, such as film lamination of covering materials for book covers and soft covers. In general, there is always strong demand for film lamination in order to protect printed products from moisture or dirt.

Diverse optical effects such as metallic colours or holograms attract the reader’s attention. Soft-touch film also makes for a pleasant tactile experience. Last but not least, the finishing (metallic colours, holograms) can be applied specifically onto toner-based digital printed surfaces. This process is known as sleeking and is carried out using a hot stamp module.

Bagel Systems is a hidden champion whose market share in the area of film laminating machines continues to see strong growth. The company is constantly developing new technologies in close cooperation with its customers and it is a leader in the implementation of remote control, preventive maintenance and unmanned production. Bagel Systems stands for the same values that are at the core of what we do at PPL: quality, reliability and the spirit of innovation.

The full article (in German) in bindereport can be found here::

  • Title: “Catalan finishing: When it comes to lamination processes, Spanish machine manufacturer Bagel Systems is represented by PPL PostPrint Leipzig.” (Page 16, only available in German)
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