Cleaning and maintenance for the stapling heads of your saddle stitcher: the PPL full service

Stapling heads are the heart of saddle stitchers and other systems that produce backstitch wire stitching. It is therefore essential to ensure that these parts work reliably.

Complex requirements and heavy use of the stapling head parts

The requirements for staple formation and stapling are complex. Paper quality, stitching thickness and the stitching wire used must be taken into account. The stapling head itself consists of many individual parts and assemblies. Contamination from zinc abrasion and dust affect the mechanically moving parts – a challenge for operators and the technology itself.

In addition, depending on the machine type, a single stapling head may carry out several million stapling operations over the course of a year. This gives an idea of the enormous stress caused by the high cycle frequency. A Heidelberg ST450 saddle stitcher, for example, can perform up to 14,000 stapling operations per hour.

Certain maintenance and cleaning cycles are specified in the operating instructions, but it is not always easy for the machine operator to organize these in a tough and often time-critical production environment.

The PPL stapling head service: providing welcome relief in fast-cycle daily operations

PPL-PostPrint Leipzig GmbH offers you full stapling head service. Our experienced staff routinely carry out professional maintenance in our specialized workshop. We dismantle equipment, identify worn parts, clean and install spare parts. Furthermore, we not only replace parts, we also check and restore all settings. Finally, we carry out test staples before we hand the stapling heads back to you. If necessary, we secure your production with a loan stapling head.

Whether HOHNER or HEIDELBERG, loop stitching or flat staples, saddle stitchers from HEIDELBERG, THEISEN & BONITZ or others – with us, your stapling heads are in the best of hands!

Heftkopf – Ansicht vorher

Stitching head – view before

Heftkopf – Ansicht nachher

Stitch head – view after

This film about ring eyelet stitching head maintenance gives an impression of our work with your used machines.