Book sewing in industrial digital printing with the Smyth DX-70

In September 2020, Smyth unveiled its new DX-70 folding and book sewing system, an industrial book sewing machine for processing digitally printed sheets. The new folding and book sewing system processes printed sheets in sequential order in one operation in order to produce thread-stitched book blocks.

Smyth DX-70 – also suitable for large formats

Formats up to 700 x 500 mm can be created on the flat pile feeder. For example, books in A3 portrait format or A4 landscape format can also be produced.

The printed sheets are creased, folded into quarter sheets and then collected into signatures in the collecting station – as determined by the preset scope.

Book sewing at 140 cycles per minute

Smyth draws on tried and tested Smyth book sewing technology. The thread sewing machine of the DX-70 has a very stable basic construction and is accordingly powerful with 140 cycles per minute.

Fadenheftmaschine DX-70 Blue

The new DX-70 thread sewing machine from SMYTH

Optional connection of control system and unwinder

The DX-70 can optionally be equipped with a control system for the sequence of the sheets.

Another possible application is a direct connection to a Tecnau unwinder. The flat pile feeder is not needed in this case.