Quality within reach: 3D finishing with foil laminating machines

In the competition for customers’ attention, it’s increasingly important to offer special visual and tactile experiences. In our digitialized world, print products that have such added elements appeal directly to our senses.

Bagel System developed the Foiler 3D Hand Fed to meet the needs of the growing sector of spot coating systems for three-dimensional UV-coating. It’s ideal for companies that want to expand their added value and also offer their customers high-impact packaging, such as high-quality cosmetic products. The Foiler 3D enhances the packaging’s raised, print relief with various effects, such as metallic or hologram effects and either full-surface or spot coating. The Foiler 3D, based on sleeking with HotStamp, is ideal for three-dimensional UV coating applications.

How the Foiler 3D Hand Fed from Bagel Systems works

The machine is loaded manually. The infeed rollers pick up the sheet at the right moment and ensure constant overlap with a minimum tolerance range of +/- 1 mm. The machine allows digital 3D printing and toner-based HotStamping with metallic foil, hologram foil, full-surface or spot coating. It’s operated with a touchscreen with user-friendly, intuitive icons.

The foiler unit consists of silicone heating rollers with an oil-based heating system. They guarantee that the finishing quality is consistent and uses little energy. The oil-based heating system maintains the temperature longer than an air or water-based heating system. In addition, the low temperature fluctuations that take place during machine stops helps prevent unwanted peaks in energy consumption. The Foiler 3D Hand Fed also has intelligent temperature control with self-controlling temperature features, which, for example, react to machine stops during roll changes, machine starts or speed increases.

Folienkaschiermaschine 3D-Veredelung

The advantages of the Foiler 3D Hand Fed from Bagel Systems at a glance:

  • simple and fast set up
  • productive, versatile, reliable
  • consistent quality and little waste
  • finishing on three-dimensional UV coating; compatible with Duplo DuSense
  • finishing with toner-based digital printing