2-in-1 magazine gathering machine

Take two: the SMYTH patent for gathering machines doubles the loading capacity.

Do you produce a lot of books in formats smaller than A4? If so, a SMYTH gathering machine and its patented 2-in-1 magazine could save you a lot of time; when it comes to gathering the printed sheets, it makes production much more efficient. How does it work? It’s simple!

SMYTH has figured out how to half the amount of magazines with which the printed sheets are loaded. This means that for formats with a spine length of up to 320 mm, the 2-in-1 gathering machine can accommodate twice as many sheets as machines without our patent. When you load two sheets, they are inserted sequentially into the magazines and are thus collated one after the other.

Zusammentragmaschine SMYTH-UNIT-Line-Ansicht-Halle

If, for example, the gathering machine consists of 3 modules, it can gather a maximum of 18-sheet sections, with a maximum spine length of 320 mm. The gathering machine’s compact design saves time, which ultimately saves your staff time too.

For formats between 320 mm and 640 mm spine lengths, the 3 modules can be used to gather 9-sheet sections. For larger formats the effect is reversed. This has little impact on most companies, however, where the processing of small-format books accounts for about 90 percent of their production.