Smyth FX-30 thread sewing machine at Colour & Point

SMYTH FX-30 Ansicht Seite

Colour & Point ( is a digital printer with a sheetfed and webfed printing machine. The company specializes in printing and thread sewing books in very short runs (5-100 copies). Among their customers are bookbinders, who take the thread-sewn book blocks and then complete the book-binding process themselves. Colour & Point’s “partial-service” opens up a whole new range of possibilities for them: their customers can do the entire book production themselves, even if that means “only” carrying out the printing and thread sewing.

Colour & Point’s purchase of a new FX-30 thread sewing machine is a response to growing demand and to customers’ increasing consciousness about quality. They want solid equipment for producing their own books. At the same time, publishers are also moving towards print-on-demand-production: to keep stocks low, they only print small quantities for the first run and then print more as required. This also means that they can update the content of books, such as those on specialized subjects, at a low cost.

The Smyth FX-30: versatile, high-performance, easy-to-use

The Smyth FX-30, with its versality and high-performance capacity, is made for customers who want to invest in a growing market. Colour & Point, for instance, no longer needs to rely on an external service provider for thread sewing. They can print and produce their own books on site. That makes it possible for the company to retain control over quality and to reduce delivery times. The Smyth FX-30 can also produce books in XXL format, up to 510 x 550 mm.

Especially when it comes to very short runs, the FX-30 offers numerous advantages. It has a convenient 3”-touchscreen where you can enter the number of sheets per book block. Once this number of has been reached, the FX-30 automatically makes a blank stitch. This allows for the convenient cutting of the thread to separate the book blocks.

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