Our mission: seamless monitoring! What can our camera system’s additional features do for you?

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For several years now, we’ve been offering our customers a special service: the retrofitting of an image and barcode system for monitoring the correct sheet sequence on collating systems for perfect binder or saddle stitchers. That’s how we support our customers’ efforts to:

  • improve quality assurance
  • reduce waste
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • prepare effectively for certification or an audit

To reach its full potential, the improved camera system should be used all of the time, not merely for a presentation or during an audit when you have to show that you have such a system in place and that it works. It’s only if you use it on a continual basis, on every order, that you can attain improvements that you can see, like those listed above. This also reduces the risk of producing faulty products that may harm relationships that you’ve worked hard to build up over time.

Our camera and barcode system’s new features

With its new features, there are now even more reasons to invest in the camera and barcode system. The control system is now capable of entering even more specifications and makes seamless monitoring possible.

  1. You can enter the job number and names of the machine operators in separate input screens.
  2. After you enter this data, the camera system creates a logfile and enables the camera menu. It then logs the camera and barcode system’s application.
  3. You can also change machine operators within work on one order, for example, when there’s a change in shifts.
  4. As a record for the customer, when an order is complete the camera system sets up logfiles automatically and sends them to up to five stored email addresses. The logfiles include the following information: date and time; order number; machine operator 1 and 2; camera switched on or off; time of the camera’s activation or deactivation; whether re-learning took place in between; statistics and number of images taken per camera and number of errors.

You’re interested in the retrofitting of a camera system?
We’re happy to help!

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