Used machines from PPL means a smaller carbon footprint

When the printing industry talks about sustainability, it’s usually about the efficient use of materials, certificates, CO2-compensation or the use of green electricity. However, one very effective measure of sustainability is often overlooked: employing used, refurbished machines instead of buying new ones.

Used machines from PPL help conserve resources

For print shops focused on sustainability and that make it a priority when deciding what to acquire, used machines are an essential part of building a comprehensive strategy. A good example is the Janetschek print shop in Austria. They have found various ways to put sustainably into practice, including deciding against purchasing a new press, in favor of buying a used and refurbished saddle stitcher from us.

Druckerei Janetschek Logo

Such a step strengthens the credibility of a company’s claim to support sustainability and increases the likelihood that their sustainably produced print products will be accepted. It also sets a company apart from the many that claim to have undertaken “greenwashing” measures but don’t stand up upon closer inspection. Buying a used and refurbished press is not a mere gesture; it’s a very tangible contribution to reducing the company’s carbon footprint. By using older models for longer, it saves large amounts of CO2 that would have been emitted by the manufacturing of new machines. And that’s hardly the only benefit of purchasing a used machine.

Summary – the benefits of purchasing a used machine:

  • produces less CO2 by avoiding the construction of a new machine
  • conserves resources with renewed and continued use of refurbished machines
  • costs less than buying a new machine
  • increases sales for print products made with fewer resources and a smaller carbon footprint
  • improves a company’s reputation
Janetschek Maschine vor Auslieferung

Used machines on offer from PPL-PostPrint Leipzig Ltd.: this is how it works

PPL-PostPrint Leipzig Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of used machines for print finishing in German-speaking countries. That’s in no small part because of the comprehensive range of services that we offer. The machines are first cleaned, installed in our workshop, and then put back into operation. During installation and commissioning, we thoroughly examine the press and its various parts. Afterwards, we replace worn parts and belts and check and restore all factory settings. The price of the machine takes into account this additional step in our thorough refurbishing process; it’s still substantially lower than the price of a comparable new machine.

To ensure its continued, smooth operation after installing the refurbished machine, we provide its new owners with access to the same technical hotline, maintenance, and repair service as we do for owners of our new machines.