Spare parts for Heidelberg ST450 saddle stitcher (Part 1)

Save money with refurbished gripper FJ.4325281/01 or FJ.4325281/02

In Heidelberg ST450 saddle stitchers, the gripper (spare part no. FJ.4325281/02) on the A-wave of a sheet feeder is an often underestimated and little noticed spare part. Many people don’t realise that this is a wearing part. In particular, it is the coating of the FJ.4325281/02 gripper, which guarantees optimum performance while preserving products through more gentle processing, that is affected. Just like a car tyre, this coating can wear down over time. A more cost-effective alternative to replacing the components with a new part is to install a refurbished gripper with a fresh coating applied by PPL PostPrint Leipzig.

Greifer regeneriert ST450 A-Welle DHU/DVU