The new Smyth FF-175 MAGNUM thread book sewing machine: ready for big jobs!

The Smyth FF-175 MAGNUM is a thread book sewing machine that does it all! If you’re looking for a machine that covers a wide range of formats and is suitable for producing both small and large format books, this model is the right choice for you. When it comes to very large formats up to 615 x 440 mm, known as “XXL books,” the FF-175 is in a class of its own: Its ability to process A4 two-ups is one of its main selling points. The name “Magnum” says it all.

What's new about the FF-175 MAGNUM?

The FF-175 MAGNUM’s greatest innovation over previous versions is its feeder. Until now, customers have had to choose between a model that manual feeds the stitcher and the model that does so automatically.

The new FF-175 combines both options in one machine. This gives users the flexibility to decide in which mode they want to operate the FF-175, depending on the job. The only prerequisite is a sufficiently large space, as the “combination model” is somewhat larger than previous models.

The automatic sheet feeder is equipped with 4 upper and 4 lower suction cups and is activated by the control system. It can also open sheets that have at least a 10-mm gripper fold.


What the FF-175 MAGNUM has to offer:

  • Maximum output of up to 75 cycles per minute
  • Maximum signature format of 615 x 440 mm (spine length x width)
  • Minimum signature format of 150 x 80 mm (spine length x width)
  • Rotating touch screen in central position for central control from both sides
  • Automatic opening/closing of front cover

As good as usual: quality, equipment options, control system

The Smyth FF-175 MAGNUM thread book sewing machine stands for high quality in bookbinding. It offers incredible strength, durable bonding with a wide range of paper types, and carries out the opening operation very smoothly.

Depending on your requirements, the Smyth FF-175 MAGNUM thread book sewing machine can also come equipped with a sheet sequence control system or a gluing device.

It’s controlled via a touch screen that can be operated from both sides.

Mode of Operation: How the Smyth FF-175 MAGNUM works

After manual or automatic loading, separation takes place automatically at the feeder. Suction cups or grippers open the sheets, which are then placed on the feeder and transported to the stitcher. During transport, pressure rollers produce the optimum shape of the sheet fold. A kicker wheel quickly transfers the sheets to the stitching saddle. This is equipped with a sheet alignment and fixing device and thus guarantees exact thread sewing in the binding, as well as reliable sheet guidance at high speed. The thread-sewn book blocks are separated and can be easily removed from the delivery table.