Supplier Profile 3: Eurotecnica

When it comes to high-performance perfect binders for short runs in digital and offset printing, models such as EB300 and ETS500 are among our top choices. Their manufacturer, Eurotecnica Service Snc, based in Vigonza, Italy, is presented in more detail below.


The name “Eurotecnica Service Snc” stands for high-performance PUR and Hotmelt perfect binders. The company was founded in 2010 by a team of experts who brought with them their extensive experience and knowledge from their years at Eurotecnica Postpress Srl, a company known for developing and constructing outstanding perfect binders. Since its founding, Eurotecnica Service Snc has developed its own high-quality perfect binders, gaining a reputation to rival its progenitor, Eurotecnica Postpress Srl.

Eurotecnica Logo


Eurotechnica makes a commitment that PostPrint Leipzig fully shares: They promise to provide customers with the best solution for their individual needs. This may include installing a new or used machine or supplying complementary components or accessories to add to equipment that the customer already owns. Eurotecnica Service Snc also offers its customers comprehensive repair and maintenance services for every one of its machines.

Innovative Gluing Units

The gluing units on an Eurotecnica’s perfect binder can be outfitted with either a Hotmelt or a PUR gluing unit for spine gluing. Some models have pre-melters that are automatically refilled. This avoids expensive and unnecessary machine stops.

Eurotecnica Transformation Service

Eurotecnica Service Snc offers its customers kits that allow older, functional models to be retooled, upgraded, and adapted to meet new requirements. This cuts costs and is more sustainable than replacing entire machines.

Cleaning Service for Glue Tanks

The glue tank cleaning service reduces the risk of machine downtime due to glue deposits and wear. The glue tanks can be disassembled, sent to Eurotecnica Service Snc, and then cleaned and serviced in the company’s own workshop until they are working perfectly again.