We’ve got your back! PPL’s new spare parts warehouse is taking shape

For many of our customers it’s essential to have spare parts available for their post-press machines. Without them, they may end up with production downtime and a higher risk of mistakes. The company’s future may even lie in the balance: it may own a machine that works but can no longer be used because it’s missing a spare part and it lacks the capital to buy a new machine. 

Twice the amount of space means more available parts: that’s how you benefit from our new warehouse

To avoid such a situation, we at PPL have always paid just as much attention to repair and service as we have to the sale of new machines. This commitment is reflected in our decision to invest in expanding the warehouse. We’re currently doubling its size and installing new warehouse technology so that in the future we can supply you with spare parts, even faster, even better. 

PPL guarantees peace of mind and improved sustainability

The message we’re sending is clear: PPL customers who invest in a used machine enjoy the same peace of mind as if they were buying a new machine. That’s true even if a manufacturer discontinues certain models or stops supplying spare parts. We fill the resulting gaps with replicas and original parts that have been refurbished in our workshop. We’ve also improved our sustainability practices with additional processing: people shouldn’t feel like they have to throw out a machine because it’s missing a few parts. Such practices are outdated; the economical use of resources should be standard practice.  

PPL-Lager für Ersatzteile Motiv 04

The second stage of construction: a digital shop window for more than 10,000 parts

PPL already sends spare parts all over the world, including in the United States and Australia. We’re often the only provider who can deliver promptly. We want to maintain and reinforce our reputation as a reliable partner. After a second stage of expansion, in which we have updated our software and optimized our internal logistics, at DRUPA 2024 we are excited to introduce our new web shop: a digital shop window with over 10,000 items. Day or night, customers can find out if the item they want is available and how quickly it can be delivered.