Tecnau and Smyth’s new folding and thread sewing system with roll feeder: An elegant solution for finishing digitally printed books and catalogues

Tecnau and Smyth announce an exciting new solution for thread sewing short-to-medium runs of print-on-demand books. Working together, the two companies have developed a new folding and thread sewing system that is fed by one continuous roll. This makes it possible to print digital books and catalogues efficiently.


How does a fully integrated solution for thread sewing a book block work?

Tecnau and Smyth’s fully integrated solution for digital book printing unwinds from the roll and then cuts it into sections. These sections are then folded, gathered, and thread-stitched. The Tecnau feeder gets the job done with an Unwinder u10 and a Cutter TC 7000 HS. The dynamic cutting system allows you to make instant speed changes and stops. Smyth’s DX-70, with its folding system and adjoining assembly station, let’s you create 8, 12, 16, 20, or multi-page signatures and produces the thread-sewn book block.

Tecnau and Smyth take your digital print process to a whole new level:

  • easy operation (one person)
  • processes variable page heights
  • feed capacity of up to 600 signatures per minute
  • significant savings
  • high-thread stitch quality