M. J. Raak expands capacity! The second Smyth book sewing machine (DX-70) now available

Based in Frankfurt am Main, M.J. Raack is a full-service provider that specializes in web-to-print. At the end March, the company released its second Smyth book sewing machine, supplied by PPL. Its decision to invest in a DX-70 has to do with recent developments in the industrial print industry, specifically with the growing demand for books sewn with thread.

Books With Thread Sewing: An Upward Trend

Medium-sized print service providers reported that there are high growth rates in one segment in particular. Books with thread sewing are once again in demand. The run-lengths of individual books also grew. With such an increased interest, the existing DX-50 book sewing machine has been reaching the limits of its capacity, unable to process the volume of orders to keep up with demand.

Fadenheftmaschine SMYTH DX-70

More Power, Better Quality: The Advantages of the Smyth DX-70

In the future, the DX-50 will mostly be used for thread sewing short runs, because they require only very short set-up times. For slightly longer runs, though, the new DX-70 will mostly be used: this is where it shines!

  • The automatic flat pile feeder is easier for users and increases productivity.
  • It folds each sheet individually, producing a sharp fold on the spine.
  • The DX-70 is much more powerful, and once gain improves the quality of thread sewing significantly.

In short, M.J. Raack will have a machine available with greatly expanded capacity.